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                      Custom Software Development

                      Software Development is a Team Sport…
                      Your need a Real Team to Win

                      Kanda is a premier full-service Custom Software Development, Cloud Engineering, QA and DevOps
                      company, specializing in the development of time-sensitive and innovative solutions. To every
                      project, Kanda brings a combination of domain expertise, exceptional engineering talent, rigorous
                      Agile development processes, commitment to protection of client’s IP and accountability of a US
                      company with over two decades of impeccable reputation.

                      Why Kanda?

                      Years of Excellence
                      Happy Clients
                      Applications Delivered
                      Google Cloud Premier Partner
                      Google Cloud Premier Partner
                      AWS Partner
                      AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
                      Leveraging 25+ years of Best Practices
                      Leveraging 25+ years of Best Practices
                      in custom software development, deployment, quality assurance and maintenance
                      Solutions Tailored to Your Business
                      Solutions Tailored to Your Business
                      Kanda engineering teams understand the software development lifecycle and business drivers of our customers’ products and possess the expertise to help them get their development done right…and fast
                      Teams that Feel like an Extension of your Own
                      Teams that Feel like an Extension of your Own
                      We invest in building custom software development teams with shared goals and sense of ownership that seamlessly blend with clients’ business processes, methodologies and practices
                      Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions
                      Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions
                      Kanda has perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting your custom software development, maintenance and quality assurance processes at the right time, using the right resources

                      See what our Clients have to say:

                      Custom Software Development Services:

                      • Discovery and Analysis
                      • Architecture and UX/UI design
                      • POC and MVP development
                      • Custom Software Development
                      • QA Testing and Automation
                      • DevOps Implementation
                      • Cloud Migration, Optimization and Maintenance
                      • Support and Maintenance

                      Digital Transformation Services

                      Innovate | Optimize | Automate

                      We draw on our 25+ years of experience modernizing legacy systems and developing innovative scalable
                      custom software solutions from scratch, our top-notch cloud engineering and custom software
                      development talent, breadth of technical expertise and extensive capabilities in Business Intelligence, Big
                      Data and Analytics to help our clients reinvent and adapt their software solutions and applications to drive
                      competitive advantage, create customer value, business agility and innovation in the modern age.

                      We promptly act on your Vision, and realize it in a Secure, Reliable and Scalable way.


                      Kanda’s customized DevOps services enable clients’ business agility and
                      ability to promptly and sustainably respond to market changes. We unify
                      software development and operations into an efficient and rapid
                      deployment infrastructure by providing our clients with a solid plan for a
                      painless and predictable move to DevOps practices tailored to clients’
                      release schedules, end-to-end software delivery automation with
                      scalability and security in mind, transition to and implementation of
                      CI/CD, and seamlessly working automated software delivery pipeline.

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                      Flexible Engagement Models

                      Time & Materials
                      Time & Materials

                      Ideal for flexible engagements, such as discovery, rapid prototyping and maintenance, our T&M model allows you to quickly scale up and down your commitment.

                      Fixed Price
                      Fixed Price

                      Our Fixed Price model is ideal for projects with clearly defined objectives and milestones. We provide detailed proposals, schedules and deliverables.

                      Retainer Agreement
                      Retainer Agreement

                      Kanda works with a number of clients on monthly and annual retainer agreements. This structured engagement is ideal for project kickoffs and ongoing work.


                      Because all projects are different, we offer different pricing and engagement models. A hybrid models offers the perfect blend of structure and flexibility.

                      Our “Secret Sauce”

                      • We recruit and retain exceptional engineering talent and keep training them. 80% of Kanda’s developers and over 50% or QA staff hold MS degree in Computer Science or related fields. We have developed and perfected recruitment, hiring, training, and retention practices that allow us to bring on the best and the brightest technical personnel and empower them with rigorous agile engineering processes – which together constitute the greatest differentiator of our services in the marketplace.
                      • Breadth of technical expertise rare for a mid-sized software development partner. Kanda has several hundred engineers well versed in different combinations of C++, Java, C#, RoR, Objective C, JavaScript and other languages with experience in multitude of underlying platforms, IDEs, APIs, databases and frameworks.
                      • Integrated Quality Assurance – Manual and Automated
                      • We assemble a dedicated team ready to engage faster than hiring locally. We are able to quickly scale up or downsize according to client’s needs
                      • Ingrained Agile Development Methodology.
                      • Kanda has been actively using Agile Methodology since 2007. Our first agile team was trained in Amsterdam as there was no agile training available locally at that time. Currently over 70% of Kanda’s projects utilize Agile or near-Agile development.
                      • Tight integration with the Client’s team and processes
                      • Thorough protection of client’s IP
                      • Kanda has worked on various enterprise-class applications that require strict security protocols. Security is assured at several levels, including authentication and authorization capabilities, communication and data security.
                      • Internal training and regular audits
                      • Spotless record for 20 years
                      • We have experienced zero security-related breaches or complaints in company’s history