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                      Cloud Migration Services

                      Accelerate your Journey to the Cloud with Kanda

                      Successful Cloud Migrations are often more complex than just a simple lift-and-shift. Inefficient
                      migration approach can lead to unplanned costs and be disruptive to businesses. At Kanda we have
                      developed a tailored “Move and Improve” cloud migration solution to help clients effectively and
                      cost-efficiently move to, from and within private, hybrid, and public (AWS, GCP and Azure) cloud

                      We help companies navigate complex cloud ecosystem and provide end-to-end cloud migration
                      services ranging from cloud readiness assessments and migration planning to migration execution,
                      cloud optimization, and support and maintenance.

                      Client Spotlight

                      Why Kanda?

                      We promptly act on your Vision, and realize it in a Secure, Reliable and Scalable way

                      25+ years of experience converting Legacy Systems
                      25+ years of experience converting Legacy Systems into modern, efficient, and scalable enterprise environments
                      Cloud Arrow
                      successful cloud-native
                      applications and products
                      Proven track record of bringing cloud-native applications and products from scratch to market success
                      enterprise solutions tailored to unique client’ needs
                      Strong pedigree in Combining and Integrating multiple silos into enterprise solutions tailored to unique client’ needs
                      Infinity Gear
                      Strict Adherence to Distributed Agile methodology
                      Strict Adherence to Distributed Agile methodology ensures tight integration with Client’s team, business processes and timely delivery
                      Head Gear
                      Continuous training, development and certification
                      Continuous training, development and
                      certification of Kanda engineers in modern Cloud technologies and frameworks
                      Accountability of a US company
                      AWS Partner
                      Google Cloud Partner
                      Microsoft Partner

                      We are committed to providing unbiased guidance and cloud-agnostic solutions to our clients. By applying
                      our extensive expertise in deploying and managing public, hybrid and private cloud-based solutions as well
                      as by partnering with leading public cloud service providers, we are able to deliver high performance,
                      scalable and cost-effective applications tailored to unique needs, budgets and goals of each client.

                      Kanda’s “Move and Improve”
                      Approach to Cloud Migration

                      Accelerate time to value, and minimize the risk

                      There’re several traditional cloud migration strategies including lift-and-shift (rehost), replatform and refactor. In most cases simply moving
                      workloads to the cloud is not sufficient. That’s why Kanda has developed a custom “Move and Improve” migration strategy that is tailored to
                      each client’s unique business constraints and long- and short-term strategic goals and objectives.

                      Analysis Phase

                      We start by thoroughly analyzing existing application architecture and dependences and understanding the impact of
                      existing constraints on business-critical processes. We create a detailed recommendation plan of workloads and
                      applications that can be migrated as is and the ones that need to be changed including all aspects of the client’s solution
                      like UI, business logic and databases.

                      We uncover exactly what your business needs to become cloud-ready and how to do so.

                      Cloud Deployment Phase

                      After initial research and analysis phase is complete, we recommend and implement a customized set of cloud services
                      for your applications and software that will enable your company to achieve technical and business objectives fast,
                      securely and cost-effectively.

                      We advise an optimal customized blend of cloud-based services tailored to your processing, SQL or no-SQL database,
                      transactional or archival storage, analytical, and application monitoring needs without breaking your budget.

                      Optimization, Automation and Management Phase

                      Congratulations! You are in the Cloud. What now?

                      While you have already started to reap the benefits of a cloud ecosystem, there’s a lot more value your organization
                      could be getting out of it. It is a good time to start optimizing and automating to further reduce costs and manage cloud
                      environments more efficiently. We will help you optimize cloud consumption by fine tuning computing, storage and
                      instance resources further. To help you manage complex cloud environments at scale and keep control of the enabled
                      release and deployment velocity our DevOps team will help you automate manual tasks and application testing, setup
                      CI/CD to speed up releases to increase business agility and reduce costs.

                      Migration Phases


                      Cloud Migration Services

                      Migrate efficiently with less risk and cost

                      Plan Your Journey
                      to the Cloud
                      • Cloud Ecosystem (private, public, hybrid) and Vendor Selection
                      • Cloud Readiness Assessment
                      • Cloud Migration Strategy and Roadmap
                      • Proof-of-Concept Solutions (POCs)
                      • Application Migration Planning
                      Migrate and Transform
                      your Organization
                      • Cloud Migration Services
                      • Legacy Application Modernization
                      • Custom Cloud-Native Development
                      • DevOps Services
                      Maximize ROI on
                      Your Cloud Investment
                      • DevSecOps Services
                      • Cloud Security Enhancements
                      • Cloud Optimization and Cost Reduction
                      • Cloud Support and Management Services
                      • Advanced Analytics and Big Data Solutions

                      Intelligent Cloud Migration

                      Most Cloud Migration failures can be traced back to a flawed Cloud
                      Migration Strategy. Not sure where to start? We can help…


                      Spend a day understanding various approaches to moving workloads to a
                      cloud ecosystem of your choice, determine your cloud readiness, develop
                      a preliminary strategy for your journey to the Cloud – through Kanda’s
                      interactive workshop.

                      In this workshop Kanda will touch upon all aspects of intelligent cloud
                      migration and guide you through a full spectrum of considerations to
                      accomplish it successfully: from understanding different approaches of
                      building applications in the cloud to assessment and planning.

                      Kanda Cloud Experts will help you understand the exact level of effort,
                      risk, and process changes needed to plan, deploy, and manage a cloud
                      environment for your organization. The workshop will be tailored to
                      address a combination of cloud readiness assessment, migration
                      planning and design, and cloud delivery and operations considerations.

                      At the end of the workshop you will have a high-level migration strategy
                      that is tailored to your business and technical requirements and

                      You can find more about the workshop agenda and deliverables here

                      Schedule a Workshop

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