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                      AWS Certified

                      C, C# and C++ Software Development

                      Full-cycle C, C++ and C# software development services tailored to specific client needs.

                      Whether you are looking to develop, upgrade, modernize or support and maintain C, C#, or C++ based
                      applications and software solutions, Kanda’s development team has over 25 years of experience to
                      efficiently assist you no matter what environments or development platforms you are using.

                      Kanda’s Custom C, C#, and C++ Development Services

                      • Custom Software and Application development
                      • Stand-alone or integrated Quality Assurance of C, C#, or C++ applications
                      • Mobile C++ Application development
                      • Embedded C++ development services
                      • Maintenance and support of new or legacy applications developed in C, C# or C++
                      • Greenfield C++ and C# software development services
                      • Development and optimization of high-performing software applications
                      • Cross-Platform Application development
                      • C or C++ Server-Side Software development
                      • Hardware-specific software solutions
                      • Internet of Things Development Services (IoT)
                      • Audio and Video Processing Solutions
                      • Extensions and Plugins

                      Why Kanda?

                      Kanda C, C# and C++ software development teams have an exhaustive domain expertise in security software/applications development, CRM and ERP systems, financial services, healthcare, web and mobile applications and more.

                      We provide our clients with flexibility to choose the quantity and expertise level of the team, to expand or shrink development team whenever the resources or the project specifics requires.

                      25+ YEARS
                      Developing reliable C, C# and C++ Solutions
                      200+ ENGINEERS
                      Experts in C, C# and C++
                      Master’s Degrees
                      Hold Master’s Degrees in Computer Science

                      Our C/C++ Technical Competency

                      Our C / C++ knowledge complements our proficiencies in other programming languages, APIs, IDEs, frameworks and tools, including:


                      Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Unix, iOS, Android

                      Frameworks and libraries
                      Frameworks / libraries

                      STL, STLport, Boost, POSIX, glib, Win API, MFC, ATL, WTL, Boost, MiLi, POCO, Loki, STL, STXXL, ASL, Qt, Platinum C++ Framework


                      Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase, MongoDB, DB2, FireBird, libpq++, Oracle database, BerkleyDB, DB/2

                      Networking and Protocols

                      IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, TLS/SSL, HTTP, FTP, LDAP, SSH, MQTT, WebRTC


                      SSO, OAuth, PKI, X.509

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