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                      Custom Software Development for Finance
                      and Banking Industry

                      Fueling FinTech Innovation

                      With over 25 years of experience and spotless security track record, Kanda is helping financial,
                      banking, and insurance companies to future-proof their technology solutions and deliver robust and
                      seamless experiences to customers. We develop secure, compliant and fast software web and mobile
                      applications tailored to unique needs of each client be it a startup of a large enterprise.

                      Innovations in financial technology are revolutionizing the way we manage and engage with our finances. With complex
                      and constantly changing global regulatory environments to comply with and utmost importance ofdata and application
                      security, choosing the right software development partner who keeps pace with the latest technology advancements
                      within the framework of compliance and application security is critical for business success.

                      FinTech software solutions are different in several ways and require a stable, scalable and secure architecture, stringent
                      data protection, high performance low latency solutions and countless third-party integrations.

                      Kanda has decades of experience developing, modernizing and supporting complex FinTech applications ensuring that
                      they are fast, reliable, secure and scalable. Our expert software development, Cloud, QA, and DevOps teams with
                      in-depth domain knowledge seamlessly blend with your business and technology processes to help solve specific
                      technical challenges or bring innovative FinTech products to the market.

                      Kanda’s Expertise

                      Accounting Software
                      Accounting Software
                      Financial Software
                      Financial Software
                      Insurance Software
                      Insurance Software
                      Portfolio Management
                      Portfolio Management
                      Investment Solutions
                      Investment Solutions
                      Company Valuation Software for VCS and Investors
                      Company Valuation Software for VCS and Investors
                      Trading and Exchange Platforms
                      Trading and Exchange Platforms
                      Payment Processing and Integration
                      Payment Processing and Integration
                      Legacy Modernization
                      Legacy Modernization
                      Big Data and Analytics solutions for FinTech
                      Big Data and Analytics solutions for FinTech
                      AI/ML Algorithm Development and Implementation
                      AI/ML Algorithm Development and Implementation

                      FinTech Software Development Services:

                      • FinTech Web and Mobile Application Development
                      • Architecture Design
                      • Website UX and UI Services
                      • Big Data and Analytics Solutions
                      • Cloud Engineering
                      • Machine Learning and Al
                      • Third-party Application Integration
                      • Quality Assurance and Testing
                      • 24x7 Maintenance and Support
                      • IoT Solutions

                      Application Security Services

                      With growing amounts of collected data and many fintech companies
                      undergoing digital transformation the security of the data and
                      applications are among the biggest challenged faced by finance and
                      banking industry.

                      Kanda provides a full range of services to ensure app and data security:
                      • Secure Architecture Design
                      • Security Code Reviews
                      • Encryption of Data
                      • Cloud Security Assessment
                      • Penetration Testing
                      • Security Consulting

                      Digital Transformation

                      Rapidly changing market conditions and growing customer demands for service and product
                      interconnectivity, availability and personalization are reshaping financial and banking industry and putting
                      pressure on FinTech companies to innovate. Regardless of whether a company is a digital disruptive startup
                      born less than a decade ago or an established enterprise catching up to digital transformation, none
                      remain unaffected by the shift in consumer expectations and competitive landscape.

                      To help its clients go through a Digital Transformation efficiently or to digitize and modernize parts of the
                      infrastructure Kanda provides custom Digital Transformation solutions tailored to the needs of every client.
                      And, because it is a journey, not a destination, you need an experienced team to help you take advantage of
                      new technologies and reap the benefits of being a digital enterprise. We promptly act on your Vision, and
                      realize it in a Secure, Reliable and Scalable way.

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                      Digital Transformation Services

                      Innovate | Optimize | Automate

                      • Legacy Application Modernization
                      • Cloud Migration and Enablement
                      • Third-Party Integration
                      • Cloud Engineering
                      • DevOps Services
                      • Big Data Warehousing
                      • Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Solutions

                      Client Spotlight

                      Implementing Secure Architecture with RC3

                      Worthworm is an online pre-money valuation (PMV) platform for early stage ventures seeking investment
                      and angel investors. The platform collects and processes proprietary business data containing product
                      differentiation, competitive advantage, sales figures and projections, prior funding and risk factors as well
                      as personal information. The protection of this data and application security is of an extreme importance
                      for the company. Kanda has worked with the Client to develop an application and embed security
                      precautions and data encryption comparable to those provided by leading financial institutions.

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