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                      Software Development Services For Nonprofits

                      Making a Difference One Application at a Time

                      Whether you are looking to Grow, Inspire or Scale your nonprofit organization Kanda is here to help.
                      We are humbled to be a part of a mission and journeys of many nonprofit organizations helping to
                      improve the well-being of children through our work with AECF; bringing together computing
                      researchers, educators and professionals to provide opportunities for life-long learning and career
                      development through our long-term partnership with Association of Computing Machinery; and
                      enabling public engagement in conversations about policies and projects critical to their lives.

                      We will back you up on a technical side and help develop, customize and improve fundraising
                      solutions, donation tracking, CRM, document workflows, and data insights platforms.

                      Why Kanda?

                      Years of Excellence
                      Happy Clients
                      Applications Delivered
                      Google Cloud Premier Partner
                      Google Cloud Premier Partner
                      AWS Partner
                      AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
                      Leveraging 25+ years of Best Practices
                      Leveraging 25+ years of Best Practices
                      in custom software development, deployment, quality assurance and maintenance
                      Solutions Tailored to Your Business
                      Solutions Tailored to Your Business
                      Kanda engineering teams understand the software development lifecycle and business drivers of our customers’ products and possess the expertise to help them get their development done right…and fast
                      Teams that Feel like an Extension of your Own
                      Teams that Feel like an Extension of your Own
                      We invest in building custom software development teams with shared goals and sense of ownership that seamlessly blend with clients’ business processes, methodologies and practices
                      Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions
                      Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions
                      Kanda has perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting your custom software development, maintenance and quality assurance processes at the right time, using the right resources

                      Software Development Services for Nonprofit Organizations:

                      • Architecture Assessment and Roadmapping
                      • Front-end Development
                      • UX/UI Design
                      • Proof-of-concept Development Services
                      • Custom Software Development
                      • Mobile Application Development
                      • Application Quality Assurance Service
                      • DevOps-as-a-Service
                      • Legacy Application Modernization
                      • Cloud Migration, Optimization and Maintenance
                      • 24x7 Support and Maintenance

                      See what our Clients have to say:

                      Client Spotlight

                      The Annie E.Casey Foundation

                      Annie E. Casey Foundation provides consultation to multiple state and county child welfare agencies. Kanda software
                      development team has worked on a Team Decision-Making (TDM) application. The application aimed to provide to AECF
                      a data system that tracks essential elements of the TDM practice in each agency. The agencies use the TDM application to
                      enter and report information for the meetings conducted by that agency. Each agency has secure access to its own
                      detailed data, and is able to report on a quarterly basis.


                      Envirolytical public involvement management

                      EnviroIssues helps make the communities where people work and live
                      in better places by engaging the public in conversations about the
                      policies and projects that would change their lives. The company’s
                      solutions are aimed at aligning critical business decisions and projects
                      with the involved communities.

                      Global Jewish Advocacy

                      A century of multimedia archival materials easily
                      indexed, browsed, searched and reviewed

                      AJC has an active archive department that collects printed, audio and
                      video materials pertinent to Jewish History and History of
                      Antisemitism. Kanda has designed and developed a system to store
                      those materials on the Web and allow viewers to easily find and
                      peruse pertinent information.