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                      Software Security Services

                      With a proven expertise in secure software development and software security assurance Kanda helps
                      clients to create state-of-the-art secure applications, assess and significantly increase security level of
                      the existing software solutions.

                      Kanda software development teams have been working in Security Sector for decades helping
                      companies, whose core competence is Application Security. We transfer this knowledge and best
                      practices to assist clients ranging from startups to large enterprises in a variety of industries in
                      ensuring the protection of their data and applications.

                      Developing secure software is no longer desirable, but absolutely essential. With an increasing Cloud and Data Analytics
                      adoption assessing and ensuring security of the data has become a major concern for companies ranging from early
                      stage online ventures to large enterprises. Despite common misconception, main security threats arise not from
                      networking layers and operating systems, but from applications themselves.

                      Kanda Security Services

                      Risk management
                      Risk management and

                      Build a solid foundation for your compliance requirements (PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, FFIEC, SOX, HIPAA, etc.)

                      Application security testing
                      Application security

                      Uncover and fix software vulnerabilities with software penetration testing

                      Security services
                      Security services, sdlc

                      Identify security gaps of your Web, Cloud, Mobile, IoT, or Embedded Software

                      Infrastructure security consulting
                      Infrastructure security

                      Build and implement tailored and secure backbone

                      Security design and code reviews
                      Security design and code

                      Future proof applications and reduce security risks

                      Why Kanda?

                      Leveraging 25+ years of best practices
                      Leveraging 25+ years of best
                      in secure software development, deployment
                      and maintenance
                      Us ownership and accountability
                      Us ownership and
                      with the dedication to Client’s objectives
                      and success
                      Kanda teams seamlessly blend
                      Kanda teams seamlessly
                      with each client’s methodology and practices
                      Rapid knowledge transfer
                      Rapid knowledge transfer
                      We are involved only as much as you need us
                      promptly training your team to take over if required
                      Exceptional engineers
                      Exceptional engineers
                      – experienced, dedicated, and continuously
                      Rapidly scale teams up (or down)
                      Rapidly scale teams up (or down)
                      maximizing efficiency
                      Solutions Tailored to Your Business
                      Rigorous client ip protection

                      Building Secure Application Architecture

                      The process of creating application architecture should always be undergone with the security in mind. Unless it is, implementing security
                      policies after the application or software is already on the market will not be of much use in drastically decreasing system vulnerabilities.

                      There are several key steps that can help better understand the security requirements:

                      1. Architecture

                      Describe existing architecture in detail. Break down software architecture into
                      individual tiers

                      Best application architecture approach is to have multiple layers to separate various functional
                      parts of the system into logical blocks. For example, front-end, mid-tier and data management
                      layer. This approach allows applying different security methods and practices to each layer
                      minimizing a threat of the breach.

                      2. Coding

                      Define and describe existing coding practices.

                      The majority of the commonly exploited vulnerabilities are the result of poor software
                      development coding practices. At Kanda we leverage best programming techniques for every
                      language paired with our rigorous integrated quality assurance processes. This approach
                      minimizes the number of software “bugs” created in the process and, subsequently, the amount
                      of time to fix them.

                      3. Security

                      Do you have security assurance? What is the application testing process, if it exists

                      Formal security and quality assurance program is the best approach to ensure proper
                      application development process. All application modifications should undergo both
                      automated and manual testing, including full performance and vulnerability testing before the
                      commercial deployment.

                      4. Testing

                      What vulnerability and testing methodology is used?

                      Web-application and SaaS systems should be routinely tested for vulnerabilities to ensure that
                      application enhancements, server upgrades and new feature rollouts will not lead to security

                      Ensuring Data Security

                      No matter what web-based application solution you are developing or planning to develop, most likely it will
                      contain sensitive user data that needs to be protected.

                      With online and mobile payments on the rise, protecting customer data has become important like never before.
                      Business application domain is a special case that requires sophisticated encryption and security algorithms.

                      Applications that store personal information along with the payment information are a subject to multiple compliance
                      regulations like HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

                      Kanda Software has mastered the process of customer data protection while in transit or when stored in the database
                      without additional hassle to the end user.

                      Security is a critical goal when developing a cloud-based service or application. Kanda software experienced
                      development teams can help you to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that are secure and user-friendly without the loss of

                      Client Spotlight

                      Security Innovation is a world leading software application security firm that
                      provides security consulting, testing, advanced cryptography and educational
                      services to fortune 1000 companies. Over the years Security Innovation has
                      successfully partnered with Kanda, most significantly on SI’s successful
                      TeamMentor eGuidance system and most recently with SI’s embedded systems
                      subsidiary, Resilient Machines, to do high value integration work with their
                      recently open sourced NTRU cryptosystem.

                      “I’ve engaged Kanda Software for critical projects for nearly 20 years and
                      have always found them to be a pleasure to work with and they’ve always
                      delivered quality work beyond my expectations. I’m extremely pleased to
                      partner with them in this current venture and look forward to continuing our
                      long and rewarding partnership!”

                      -Pete Jenney, vp of strategic initiatives

                      Security innovation